Officials recover car from Oklahoma lake

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KEYSTONE LAKE, Okla. — A car submerged in Keystone Lake is now on solid ground.

A woman says she saw it crash into the lake, but she didn’t see anyone come out.

“I was worried someone was in the car,” Amanda Fulbright said.

She allegedly saw a Nissan crash into the lake just after midnight.

“That lake drops off 25, 30 feet, and I knew there wasn’t anything I could do,” she said.

So she called 911, but she said her call bounced around, possibly because the lake covers four counties.

“They didn’t know where to transfer the call to,” Fulbright said.

Investigators rushed to the scene, then called for a dive team at daybreak.

They didn’t find anyone inside.

The dive team hooked the car to a wrecker to pull it from the water. That’s when Fulbright returned to the scene to get a peace¬†of mind.

“I had to know… I slept a couple hours, but that was about it.”

When the car was pulled out of the water, investigators noticed the windows were rolled down, the car was in neutral, and the keys were still in the ignition.

“My guess would be it’s probably going to be reported stolen,” Lt. Mike Roe said.

“People dump cars here and over at the other dock a lot,” Amanda said.

Lt. Mike Roe says it’s true.

Happens all the time. We recover probably a dozen or more a year out of the lakes,” he said.

“Now I can have a better day know that, you know, it was empty,” Amanda said.


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