Woman with Down syndrome steals the show at Kenny Chesney concert

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NEW JERSEY — A woman with Down syndrome made her way on stage and stole the show at a Kenny Chesney concert in New Jersey.

The concert was Aug. 18, but the moments captured are timeless.

Once on stage with Chesney, the woman took the mic and professed her love for the country star. The crowd cheered, as we’re sure there were plenty of people in the crowd who felt the same way.

And with all the courage and suaveness she could muster, the woman asked Kenny for a kiss on the lips.

After wiping the sweat from his lips, Kenny Chesney planted a kiss on that woman for the whole crowd to see.

While it seemed the moment was over, the woman went on to tell how Kenny Chesney’s music helped her cope with abuse she went through at a young age.

Disappointingly enough, she asked to stay on stage with Kenny and was shot down rather abruptly.

But it’s safe to say her moment in the spotlight was not in vain.


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