Bubble soccer league comes to Oklahoma City

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A unique form of a popular sport has made its way to Oklahoma City.

"Grab the handles, bend your knees just a little bit, lift up and it slides right on," said Stephen Drew, Oklahoma City Athletics Coordinator.

Bubble soccer is officially here in Oklahoma City.

Experts say you don't have to be good at the sport to play because the bubble acts as an equalizer, creating a challenge for everyone.

"They might slip it on and feel claustrophobic, but there's so much space, so much air that you can really see and breathe out of," said Drew. "Run around and huffin' and puffin'; it's an opportunity to get a workout in without even knowing it.”

The bubble offers much-needed protection, but weighs about 12 to 15 pounds.

Two five-member teams go head-to-head for two 12 minute periods, trying to score as many goals as possible.

"There is a little more leeway to be more aggressive because when you run into one of your opponents or accidentally one of your own team members, instead of hitting the ground, you're going to bounce, roll," said Jennifer Lindsey- McClintock, with Oklahoma City Parks & Recreation.

"You don't even have to know somebody to get a good laugh," said Drew. “You see legs in the air, people flying off each other; it's just a great time.”

NewsChannel 4’s Ashley Kringen admitted her knees got a little bruised and recommends folks bring their knee pads.

Deadline to register for the bubble soccer league is Wednesday, Sept. 2.

The cost is $125 for a five person team during a six-week league.

If you're interested, call the Oklahoma City Parks & Recreation Department at (405) 669-8415.

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