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“I was scared, I thought it was for real,” Bomb threats shut down Shawnee High School

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SHAWNEE, Okla. -- Two bomb threats shut down Shawnee High School on Monday.

Police are tracing that phone number of the caller who made the threats.

Officers did not find any explosive devices inside or outside the school; at this point, they think it was all a prank.

When school should have been letting out Monday afternoon, only police cars surrounded Shawnee High School.

The first threat happened around 9:30 a.m.

Police say the caller spoke through a computerized voice saying he or she had a bomb inside the school. Then, a second call with the same threat happened again just before noon.

"We think it's the same individual, used the same automated voice and stated the same thing. No demands, just basically there was a bomb and it's going to detonate," Sgt. Dan Shumaker said.

School officials evacuated the building after both threats, and shortly after noon, they sent everyone home as a precaution.

Police were at the school for hours, walking through every room looking for explosives. A student who asked us to conceal her identity says it was chaotic and frightening when the school shut down.

"I was scared, I thought it was for real. I thought it was actually going to go off," she says. "They were trying to get everybody on the bus and out of here. But they would not let us go near the school at all."

An automated phone call went out to all the parents of high school students. The superintendent says the school followed its lockdown policy carefully, and they're working with investigators to help find the person responsible.

"With today's technology we're working very closely with the police department and we hope we are able to determine who it is and make a strong statement that we're not going to allow this disruption to the education process," Dr. Marc Moore said.

Classes will start back Tuesday morning, and there will be beefed up security.

Right now, police tell us they don't have a person of interest and anyone with information on who the caller is should contact Shawnee police.

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