Ohio school district to implement gender-neutral bathrooms for transgender students

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TROY, Ohio — One school district in Ohio is adding gender neutral bathrooms to each of their schools to accommodate for transgender students.

Troy Schools notified parents of the district, saying, “denying a student’s request to use a restroom that matches the student’s gender identity is prohibited under federal Title IX.”

So restrooms will be made available in each school for students who do not want to use the shared restrooms.

Parents are divided in their feelings about the decision that was announced last Friday.

Some stood outside with signs of support, while others said they would be removing their children from the district altogether.

“I think it’s utterly ridiculous, actually, that we have to come out here to support a child in expressing themselves and living as they want to,” one supportive parent said.

“We feel that it’s not okay for boys and girls to be in the same restroom together,” an opposing parent said.


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