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Mother says daughter was forced to pick up paper with teeth in class

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DAYTON, Texas – A student at a Texas junior high school says her teacher forced her to pick up a piece of paper with her teeth.

Michelle Arceneaux is livid about a disturbing incident her daughter claims happened at her school.

“It broke my heart, as a parent it broke my heart,” said Arceneaux.

The 14-year-old girl says she crumbled up a piece of paper and tried to toss it in the trashcan, but missed.

“And so the teacher told me to lie down on the floor, pick it up with my teeth and put it in the trash can,” the girl told KPRC.

She said she was upset, but followed the teacher’s directions.

School officials say this is not a “standard disciplinary practice” and administrative action has been taken against the teacher.

Arceneaux’s daughter says the teacher apologized the next day, but the incident still affected her.

“She belittled her and made her feel like an animal. And I told her, ‘I have a Chihuahua at home, if she needs a dog to pick up her trash, I can give her one,” she said.

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