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Parents upset they heard about loaded gun in school from News Channel 4

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OKLAHOMA CITY,Okla. - A Putnam City high school student is in jail after bringing a gun to school.

Parents are outraged that they were not immediately notified about the situation.

The incident happened around noon on Thursday, and some parents in the school pick-up line said it was our own News Channel 4 emergency alert that let them know what was going on.

"I'm shocked, because I didn't know nothing about it, until now that school's out," said Elvira Johnson, a parent.

"There was a notice from you guys, and I said, 'Oh, I need to go,'" said Judy Nash, another parent.

An alert from our News Channel 4 app let parents know a loaded gun was found on campus.

"A little bit before noon, Putnam City High School received three calls from parents. They all told us the same thing, which was a student here ... had a gun," said Steve Lindley, a school spokesperson. "They gave us a name. We immediately found that student. He was in a physical education class at the stadium."

The stadium is just feet away from the main high school building.

"We found, behind some bushes at one end of the stadium, a backpack that had the gun in it," Lindley said. "The gun was found and secured."

Putnam City campus officers did detain the student, but not for long.

"At one point, the student was able to escape our grasp. He went running down the street," Lindley said. "Putnam City campus police were able to locate him two blocks away and brought him back."

In this case, no one was hurt.

"[It] scares me to death," Nash said. "I just don't like all this gun stuff. It's too scary."

"It's a shame this day and age, it's just sad," another parent said.

Parents are now left to worry about one more thing when students head to class.

"That makes you want to say home school," Johnson said.

A spokesman for the district told us the student was taken to jail.

We'll let you know when official charges have been filed.

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