Student credits iPhone for saving his life

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FRESNO, Calif. – A college student has his iPhone to thank for saving his life.

A student at Fresno State University was robbed just outside his apartment.

During the struggle over the student’s computer bag, the suspect fired one shot.

“He was shocked and sweating. And he said ‘I got mugged. And the person who mugged me shot me in the leg,'” said the victim’s roommate, Faris Alotaibi.

But Faris told KSEE that he didn’t see any blood.

“The jeans were torn open and he showed me his iPhone and I saw the bullet was really clear on it. So it saved his life,” Faris said.

The bullet hit the student’s iPhone and ricocheted.

The shot left a gouge in the protective case, a gash in the back of the phone, and the front screen shattered.

According to KSEE, the next morning the student packed up his stuff and moved back in with his family.

The suspect is still on the loose.


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