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Trooper’s response after pulling over man for speeding leaves speeder in tears

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CHICAGO, Ill. – Dwayne Bryant says he began to panic when he saw flashing lights behind him while driving along a highway in Indiana.

Bryant, a motivational speaker, said he had been going 85 miles per hour in a 65 mile per hour zone.

He said that he was going to practice what he preached to his students and remain calm and answered the trooper’s questions.

The trooper took his license and came back with a $150 citation. However, he could have been arrested for reckless driving.

Bryant apologized for speeding and shocked the trooper by asking for a picture.

“I said, ‘Honestly, I work with kids in Chicago. And I tell them, ‘Your reaction dictates the circumstances. Your conversation dictates the outcome.’ I said, ‘Just because you see a white officer doesn’t mean that he or she’s a racist. What are you doing, what are you bringing to the table?’ And I said, ‘I want to show them with proof that here I am, a black man, just like them. I was breaking the law, doing what I wasn’t supposed to do. I took accountability, I took responsibility and I respected you for doing your job,” Bryant said.

Bryant says that is when the trooper shocked him.

He asked for the ticket back and ripped it up, returning to the vehicle with a warning.

“I’m just moved, I’m really touched because, honestly, this could go many different ways. But now I truly understand you get out what you put in. I gave you respect and I got respect back,” Bryant said.

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