U.S. Senator James Lankford talks about why he thinks Iran nuclear deal is not a good idea

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OKLAHOMA CITY - U.S. Senator James Lankford joined our Flashpoint panelists to talk about his thoughts on the Iran nuclear deal, presidential politics, Planned Parenthood, and Donald Trump.

Senator Lankford told Flashpoint panelists that he is against the Iran nuclear deal and believes it is not a smart move for America.

When he was asked about his thoughts on Donald Trump, Senator Lankford says he cannot imagine Trump as the Republican nominee.

In fact, the senator believes Donald Trump is making the Republican Party appear anti-immigration, which Lankford says is not true.

"People begin to see us as the party who wants to send everyone away," Lankford said. "That's never been where we are as a nation."

Senator Lankford also got into an impassioned debate with political analyst Mike Turpen over Planned Parenthood and the abortion issue.


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