12-year-old earns top score on Mensa IQ exam; tests higher than Einstein, Hawking

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ESSEX, England – A 12-year-old British girl may be one of the smartest people in the world.

Lydia Sebastian told her parents that she wanted to test her knowledge on Mensa’s Cattell III B exam.

After pestering her family about it for almost a year, Sebastian was finally able to take the test during the summer break.

“Well, I was really nervous before the test, and I thought it was going to be really hard. But as I started the test, it was a bit easier than I thought it was going to be,” she told CNN.

Sebastian achieved the test’s top score of 162, putting her in the top one percent of the world’s population.

Her score was actually higher than well-known geniuses Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Sebastian attends a selective girl’s grammar school in England.

She says she isn’t sure what she wants to do when she grows up, but is leaning toward something with mathematics.

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