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“He messed with the wrong mom”; mother of 3 helps capture alleged Peeping Tom

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Mobile, Ala. — Police arrested 27-year-old Patrick Herron Sunday, September 6, and charged him with four counts of Criminal Surveillance after reports of him videotaping and taking photos of customers in the women’s restroom at San Miguel’s restaurant on Schillinger Road.

According to Robyn Toomey-Glass of Mobile, she and her family were celebrating at the restaurant when her 11-year-old daughter and a friend went to the restroom together.

“My daughter’s friend didn’t want to stand outside of the stall alone, so she went in with my daughter and turned to the wall,” said Toomey-Glass. “That’s when she saw him with a cell phone and came and got me.”

Toomey-Glass said she confronted Herron, who initially said he accidentally went into the women’s restroom and that he did not have a cell phone.

“I immediately went into the bathroom and said, ‘I don’t know who’s in here but I’m not leaving until you come out,” she said. “I honestly thought I’d see a 16-year-old on Snapchat or something. Never did I think I’d see this grown man and I’m guessing he didn’t think he’d see a fierce momma.”

“But I just knew my child’s face was about to be plastered all over the internet and I had to protect her.”

The mother of three said Herron would not empty his pockets for her and once she asked for a manager, he started to run out of the restaurant.

“I ran after him and I was screaming, ‘Stop this man he was taking naked pictures of my child in the bathroom.’ I knew I had to stop him,” she said. “The restaurant was crowded and there were people outside waiting; that’s when two gentlemen chased him down and a third man later followed.”

According to Toomey-Glass, police found at least 15 photos of minors on Herron’s phone and one adult female.

While Mobile Police Spokesperson Terence Perkins said the department cannot get into the specifics of the case, he said, “Officers responded to the location in reference to a male in the female restroom. The officer detained 27-year-old Patrick Herron. Following the interview, Herron was arrested and charged with four counts of Criminal Surveillance.”

Read her full Facebook post:

“Every parent needs to read this. What the enemy intended for evil, God prevailed and worked all things for good. Today started out like any other Sunday. We went to church, then lunch at San Miguel’s. Sophie and her best friend, Lauren, went to the restroom together. A few minutes later Lauren came to get me and said, “Mrs. Robyn, someone is in the restroom stall next to Sophie is taking pictures of her using the bathroom.”

I jumped up and ran into the ladies restroom. I stood in the door way waiting to confront whoever was coming out of that stall. I was expecting a teenage girl so Imagine my surprise when a 33-year-old man walks out of the stall with this story, “I was in the wrong restroom I promise and I don’t have a cell phone. It was a complete accident!”

I demanded he empty his pockets and show me that he either didn’t have a cell phone (as he claimed) or that his cell phone was clear of nude pictures of children using the restroom. He and I had words, and then the coward ran out. I took off chasing him thru the restaurant screaming as loud as I could for someone to help stop that man and for someone to call the police. We ended up chasing him to Hardees parking lot, where 3 men jumped on him and I stood there telling him he messed with the wrong Mama! After viewing security footage, he had been in the restroom for over an hour videoing 15 minors using the restroom.

He has been arrested and will hopefully be charged with child pornography once the DA sees the evidence. They searched his car and found a few knives, 3 cell phones. This eve il individual had a plan today but God gave me the strength and empowered me with courage to confront and chase this man down! He messed with the wrong Mama cause I was not letting him get away! I am going to make sure this man is brought to justice as serves many, MANY years behind bars. This is him, in the back of the police car, too cowardly to show his face.

I do thank God for giving me the courage to stand up to him! To confront him and to chase him down! I’m thankful for the men that heard my cries and took off after him and wrestled him to the ground but I’m also very thankful for the strangers that came up to pray with me and console this hysterical mama in my time of need. God is good!”


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