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Metro man behind bars after taking police on high speed chase in stolen truck

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A man is behind bars after taking police on a high speed chase in a stolen truck from northwest Oklahoma City to Edmond.

Speeds reached up to 80 miles per hour.

The owner of the truck had left his keys in the ignition then went inside a gas station, leaving his vehicle unattended.

Moments later, his truck was gone.

“I heard a screeching tire and I knew that somebody took my truck,” said Dylan Roberson.

Dylan Roberson stops by the 7-11 near NW 30th and Classen all the time to buy his favorite tea.

“I was in there maybe 30 seconds, I usually do this every night, I leave my truck running, run in and nothing's every happened,” said Roberson.

But early Wednesday morning, his luck ran out.

“I ran out the door with the tea in my hand before I even paid for it and yelled stop, but he had already gotten off with it,” said Roberson.

After calling 911, officers spotted the truck near Hefner and Western.

It was easy to track down because of the neon green lights.

"Why would you steal something that is that unique? It lights up for crying out loud, it's like he wanted to get caught," said Roberson.

The suspect wasn't going to give up easily. So he took police on a high speed chase from northwest Oklahoma City to Edmond.

Stop sticks eventually caused one of the truck's tires to pop, before rolling to a stop, and officers nabbed their suspect.

Roberson said he's lucky to have his prized possession in one piece, only having to change a flat tire and clean up the mess left inside his truck.

He said he's learned from his mistakes, hoping others do too.

“Lock your vehicles and don't ever leave them running. I don't care if it's 10 seconds, you're going to be away from it. Just shut it off and secure it,” said Roberson.

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