New owners of historic Gold Dome want to convert it to a grocery store

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The Iconic Gold Dome in the Uptown 23rd District has a new owner, once again.

Land Run Commercial Properties purchased the historic building for $1.1 million. Now, they are searching for the right tenant that will stay a while.

There’s been talk about a grocery store going inside, which is getting a lot of reaction from residents nearby.

Currently, the Gold Dome sits empty at the intersection of N.W. 23rd and Classen Blvd., an architectural structure that has been a landmark since 1958.

For decades, tenants have come and gone but new owners are fighting to preserve it once again.

“We're high on 23rd St. right now,” said Russell.

Johnathan Russell, president of Land Run Commercial Properties, has worked on other projects in Uptown 23rd like The Rise, but there's something that's missing.

“Downtown is missing a grocery store. This part of the city is a food desert, so if we can install a grocery store, it would be terrific for this area,” said Russell.

He's not even discouraged that businesses don`t seem to survive inside for long.

“I just don't think it's ever been the right fit so I think if the right fit moves in, I think it will be long-term,” said Russell.

“There's just nothing really convenient over here. We either have to drive all the way down 23rd or all the way up to N.W. Highway, and it would just be great to have something right over here,” said Tisha Bentley.

While some residents appreciate the growth of Uptown 23rd, others say it still lacks everyday conveniences.

“It's been great to have all the new restaurants and things, but also I think it'd be nice to have some practical everyday things as well,” said Anny Lee.

Many residents are looking forward to the possibility of a grocery store next door.

“Now that I've heard that it might, I think I'll be disappointed if it doesn't,” said Lee.

The new owner hopes to have a tenant by next year, with potential move in date for next spring.

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