Sooners Apologize; Shepard Had Fun in Sooner Win

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Two Oklahoma football players will be internally disciplined according to OU head coach Bob Stoops, who says their actions in the game against Tennesee last Saturday call for punishment.

Linebacker Eric Striker used profanity in yelling at Tennessee fans after the double overtime win, and safety Hatari Byrd showed UT fans his middle finger.

Both players apologized on Monday, September 14, with Byrd tweeting the following:

I apologize to my family, the fans, coaches and my teammates for what happened after the game. I reacted without thinking. That's not me.

Eric Striker doesn't have a Twitter account, but sent an apology to the media which read as follows:

As a 21 year old young man, I take full responsibility for my actions and understand I have to pay consequences for my negative actions.  In no way were my actions after Saturday's game a reflection of the way my parents raised me or the guidance I've been given as an Oklahoma football player.  I want to apologize to the university and my family for my behavior last Saturday.  Also to the fans that I may have hurt and disappointed.  I've been too much of a good kid and a leader to my peers to behave in a negative manner.  I hope the people I've hurt can find it in their heart to forgive me.   Truly  yours:  Eric Striker.

One of the key players in OU's win over Tennessee was receiver Sterling Shepard, who said teammate Ty Darlington made a comment late in the game that allowed him to relax and make some big plays to help the Sooners win 31-24 in double overtime.



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