Dunkin Donuts agrees to pay woman $522,000 in spilled coffee lawsuit

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Dunkin' Donuts

TRENTON, N.J. – A popular doughnut shop has agreed to pay a woman over half a million dollars following a lawsuit about spilled coffee.

According to CNBC, Dunkin Donuts agreed to pay Maria Marsala $522,000 in the case, which was slated to go to trial this month.

In 2012, Marsala was carrying a tray of hot coffee when she tripped over a misplaced metal rebar spike by the curb.

As a result, she burned herself with the coffee and suffered back and shoulder injuries that required surgery.

“Basic standards for parking lot maintenance are for the protection and safety of the general public,” said Ed Rebenack, Marsala’s attorney. “Allowing a metal spike to protrude out of the asphalt clearly violates these standards. Although it is never a replacement for health, Ms. Marsala is hopeful that the settlement will serve to remind business owners that their customers’ safety should always be a priority.”

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