“My family’s safety is in jeopardy,” Search for suspects continues after Oklahoma City family burglarized

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Thieves pulled off a bold burglary in northwest Oklahoma City recently.

Police say they broke into a home in the middle of the afternoon and got away with jewelry, electronics and a credit card.

The Coleman’s say they first noticed something was wrong when they came home to find their backyard gate wide open.

Things became more unsettling when they found their garage door busted, but what they found inside sent them into panic mode.

"There were empty jewelry boxes. Our entertainment center had been opened," Melissa Splading-Coleman said.

Even more strange was what they found on the floor.

"We saw raw chicken in the middle of the floor, and as I walked into our bedroom, we saw the damage on our bedroom as well as the package for the raw chicken where they fed that to the dogs to keep them occupied," Coleman said.

It did not take long to realize they had been burglarized. Their iPad, credit card and spare key were missing.

Not only that, but Melissa’s great aunt’s engagement necklace was also gone..

"You can get a dollar value on it, but that sentimental value, I don't know how you replace something like that," Coleman said.

The thieves took even more than that from the family.

"My family's safety is in jeopardy. These people have been in our house. They've seen our pictures. They've touched our things," Coleman said. "It's just that constant panic that we have, even now.”

The family hopes their sense of security will be restored soon. Investigators say someone used the Coleman’s stolen credit card at a local grocery store.

Now, police want to identify a man and woman captured on surveillance camera at an Oklahoma City Walmart. They want to talk with the pair about their burglary investigation.

The Coleman’s say an arrest would mean better sleep in their household.

"I just hope for my daughter's sake that they are able to track them down so that she can know that the people that were in her room, in our house, that turned our lives upside down for a whole week, are served justice," Coleman said.

If you recognize the people in the photos call Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300.

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