“It was very disappointing,” Metro family upset after homeless man kicked out of restaurant

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A family claims a man they invited to eat with them at an Oklahoma City restaurant was kicked out because he was homeless.

The owner of Jimmy’s Round-up Cafe said other customers have complained about the man before. When the man was told to leave, the family who was going to buy his meal did too.

Chris and Sarah Smith have been eating at the restaurant for more than 20 years but said they will not be back after what happened Thursday night.

"It was very disappointing and upsetting," Chris said.

Sarah said her mom was meeting them for dinner when she saw the man in need outside

"He just, almost in tears, told her that he was hungry, and she said, 'Come eat with us,'" Sarah said.

Before they could order, the owner told them he would not serve the man.

"I was feeling frustrated. We were trying to do something nice. She was trying to do what God led her to do, and he just cut that off," Sarah said. "I mean, we were offering to pay for it. We weren't asking him for charity. It just made us sad."

Owner Jimmy Collins said he has good reasons for denying the man service.

"As you can see, when you pulled up, there was another homeless person outside of our restaurant," Collins said. "If I allow that, the word gets around, and they'll come in here several times a day."

Collins said he often gives to people in need outside of his restaurant.

"Each month, I give to the poor," Collins said, "God has directed that's the way I am to do it and not in my business."

The Smiths hope that will change.

"We just hope that, maybe, he'll re-look at his policy on it," Chris said. "I can definitely understand not wanting people panhandling in the parking lot and stuff but, to our knowledge, that didn't happen."

At this time, Collins said his policy will remain the same to keep other customers happy.

"If some people aren't going to come, then, I can't make the income that I'm making, so my tithe will go down," Collins said. "My offering will go down, and the amount I can give to the poor each month can go down and, again, I express to your viewers, if I'm wrong, pray for me."

The Smiths said, after they left the restaurant, they gave the man money to buy himself a meal somewhere else.

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