“The school bus drivers, 40 and 50-year-old men, mooning our kids”

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NORMAN,Okla. - A mother outraged after she claims two school bus drivers crossed the line.

She claims the bus drivers, employees of the district, lured her daughter over to where they were smoking in between loading up school children.

She said one man exposed himself and the other touched himself in front of her teenage daughter.

The parent we spoke with is not only outraged at what happened but also at how she said Norman High School is handling the situation.

"They got on the bus, loaded the kids and took them home, knowing this incident just took place, and the school allowed it, and that's wrong," said Heather Miner, the mother who said her daughter was targeted.

It was Thursday afternoon, business as usual, taking kids home from school, but one thing was off.

"Yesterday, I get a phone call from my daughter around 4:40 p.m." Miner said.

Her daughter, a junior goes to Norman High School.

"The guys called her over, both of the bus drivers that were smoking," Miner said.

Men, this mother said, are employed with the school district.

"She said that, when she got over there, one of the guys was rubbing on his personal private areas and the other one decided he was going to pull down his pants and moon the kids," Miner explained.

As the pants dropped, another parent saw what happened and got involved.

"She immediately yelled at my daughter and the other kids, and they called 911 immediately," Miner said.

Norman Police Department would not go on camera.

They can only confirm there is a police report and they are investigating.

As for what the school is doing, that strikes a nerve with this mother.

"Its really disgusting, knowing that my daughter goes to that school, and she's supposed to be safe and, then, her own counselor, that's a counselor over all five of the counselors, made it like it was no big deal: 'He just mooned her,'" Miner said.

This mother said the counselor waved off the incident, and the bus drivers continued their route that afternoon.

"If I was a parent and I knew my kid was on a bus, after those guys just did that, I would be outraged," Miner said. "I just want justice to be served. Those men need to be off the buses. They need to be fired. They need to be charged with everything!"

The school district did send us a statement saying, in part, "We are working with the Norman Police Department and are investigating the situation. We immediately suspended the driver upon notification of the incident."

According to Miner, other teenagers witnessed the indecent exposure.

We'll continue to follow it and let you know if charges are filed.

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