“We couldn’t even sleep in our room anymore,” Apartment allegedly infested with spiders

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A Yukon family is forced out of their apartment, claiming it's overrun with spiders.

What's more, they said they had to pay more than $1,000 to leave.

Now, one mom is trying to warn the future tenant of the alleged spider sanctuary.

Courtney Perez and her family lived in the Highland Pointe Apartments in Yukon for years - just Courtney, Vince, little Brayden and a few spiders.

"I don't know where they were coming from," Perez said.

For the Perez's, it was a small problem that spiraled out of control.

"This past May is when I started noticing more," Perez said. "There'd be easily fifteen spiders just in one light fixture."

The family turned to the Highland Pointe staff, who in turned sprayed the apartment for bugs.

But, Perez said the spiders were unaffected. They simply seemed to multiply.

"We couldn't even sleep in our room anymore. All of us slept in the living room," Perez said. "I'm getting emotional just thinking about it."

Eventually, after giving what they felt was ample opportunity to fix the problem, the family decided to move.

They were promptly billed around $1,200 for breaking the lease.

"I was like, 'Are you kidding me?'" Perez said. "[They] saw our issue!"

Perez claims these weren't just any spiders. She's adamant most were brown recluse spiders in the apartment.

In fact, on the Final Account Statement from Highland Pointe, the apartments cite the move out reason as "brown recluse spiders."

NewsChannel 4 stopped by the leasing office for answers, but officials were unable to give a comment.

We did speak with a former neighbor of Perez's, who had her own comments on the spiders.

"I've seen them in my closet. I've seen them just around, on the couch," Keysha Mcquiston said. "That's a lot to me."

The room in question, specifically room 1222, seemed empty Friday.

Now, Perez is sending out a warning.

"I feel responsible for the people that are about to move into that apartment," Perez said. "It's extremely not fair that they may have no idea what they're about to move into."

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