In Your Corner: Widow says she was duped by guy going door-to-door

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OKLA. CITY - 93 year-old Marjorie says a guy who went by the name Randy Smith showed up on her door step wanting to remove the dead tree in her yard.

“For $3,000,” she said. “I said, ‘no.’”

Marjorie says Smith, whose real name is Gerald John, convinced her to let him professionally treat her healthy trees for disease protection.

She says she paid him $850 for about 30 minutes of work and we’re not even sure what John used to spray the trees and soil.

“I was just gullible,” Marjorie said. “That's all there was to it.”

We know John uses a bunch of aliases.

He served hard time for burglary, drug possession, assault and battery on a police officer, among other crimes.

He was arrested at least 4 times since December, mainly for trespassing and not showing up in traffic court.

A family member tells us John doesn't have a permanent address right now. He's a drifter.

It is likely Marjorie's cash is already spent.

We knew just who to call.

“I can't believe it,” Marjorie said. “Thank you.”

Zach Mitchell from Professional Tree Care came to this senior's rescue last year.

He jumped at the chance to help Marjorie.

He said, “Oh, it feels good to help somebody out that's in need.”

She's in good hands.

Zach holds a forestry degree and is a certified arborist.

He assures us he'll get Majorie's tree down safely in the coming weeks.

There’s no sign of Gerald Jones.

Marjorie says one of his work buddies stopped back by her house the other day trying to pressure her into letting them cut down her tree.

If they show back up we've instructed Marjorie to not answer her door and to instead call us and police.

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