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“It was her time to die,” Prosecutors reveal disturbing details related to “Baby Doe’s” murder

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BOSTON, Mass. – During a court hearing, disturbing details about the murder of a toddler were revealed.

On June 25, authorities found the remains of a little girl stuffed in a trash bag in the Boston Harbor.

For months, investigators couldn’t find any clues as to who she was, calling her “Baby Doe.”

Finally, they received a break in the case and learned the little girl is 2-year-old Bella Bond.

On Monday, Bella’s mother, Rachelle Bond, and her boyfriend, Michael McCarthy, appeared in court.

During that court appearance, prosecutors revealed some of the circumstances surrounding Bella’s death.

Rachelle Bond told police that Bella didn’t want to go to bed, so her boyfriend offered to go into her bedroom to “try to calm her down,” Suffolk Assistant District Attorney David Deakin said.

A short time later, she says she knew Bella was dead when she found McCarthy standing over the toddler, whose face was gray and swollen.

Following her death, McCarthy allegedly told Bond, “She was a demon anyway. It was her time to die,” the Boston Globe reports.

A friend of the couple, who eventually told police about “Baby Doe’s” true identity, said McCarthy and Bond would yell at the child, lock her in a closet and claimed that she was “possessed by demons.”

The friend said that Bond had repeatedly said that Bella had been taken into state custody.

He said he went to police after learning the truth that Bella was dead.

McCarthy was charged with murder and Bond was charged as an accessory to murder after the fact.

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