Woman allegedly tied up during southwest Oklahoma City home invasion

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Police are investigating a violent home invasion in southwest Oklahoma City.

A metro woman claims three men wearing hats and bandannas over their faces busted through her front door around 4:30 a.m. Monday morning.

She said the men tied her up with an extension cord and held her at gunpoint while they raided her home.

After nearly an hour, the attack finally ended. The woman was able to untie herself and call police.

She ran to neighbors for help in the moments that followed.

Patricia says the woman came to her asking to use the phone.

"She was nervous and you know upset, as anybody would be that had a gun pointed at them," Patricia said.

The victim said the intruders got away with her personal belongings, including her cell phone, purse and computer.

Even more alarming... she says they took the key to her home.

"Whatever was of importance they took from her," her neighbor said.  "I was sorry for her, and you know, I’m not surprised though because the neighborhood has steadily, it has steadily gone down," Patricia said.

Patricia may not be shocked, but she is upset.

"Makes me angry. I'd like to whoop their butts. I'd like to give them a good spanking," she said.

Despite what happened down the street, Patricia said she does not feel unsafe.

“Jehovah protects me," Patricia said. "I will be watching out though.”

The victim said she is changing her locks.

When we spoke to her Monday afternoon, she did not appear to have any physical injuries; however, she was very visibly shaken.

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