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Yukon Police investigate string of car burglaries

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YUKON, Okla. -- Jason Williams’ Toyota Camry is a little nicked up.

“All the plastic’s missing underneath.  There’s a dent on that side over there, and all this stuff’s cracked,” said Williams.

Early Sunday morning, Jason walked out of his Yukon home to find his car was gone.

“I figured somebody probably stole it because the keys were in it,” said Williams.

Williams accidentally left the keys in the center console when he ran out Sunday morning to roll the windows up before the rain came.

The suspects took his car and ransacked his neighbors’.

“Just trash was strung out all over the driveway and pillaged both vehicles,” said Aaron McRee.

Police recovered several of McRee’s stolen tools, but he’s still missing more than $1,000 worth.

Yukon police call it “car hopping.”

“They’ll check door handles, go from house to house until they find something that’s open,” said Captain Mitch Hoskins with the Yukon Police Department.

Williams said the suspects put more than 700 miles on his car in less than 8 hours.

“It was covered in mud.  There’s still mud caked in the things,” said Williams.

And ironically, they ended up just two blocks from the scene of the crime.

“Actually received a phone call from one of the local motels here on Main Street advising there was suspicious activity going on."

Police went to the Economy Inn and recovered the stolen vehicle.

They arrested Dalton Sharp, but another suspect ran from police and got away.

Williams said some of the stolen items in the car were not his or his neighbor’s.

“They weren’t mine or his, so no telling how many cars they had hit,” said Williams.

The keys are still missing, but Williams is just happy to have his car back where it belongs.

“Yeah, I’m just glad it’s back in one piece,” said Williams.

Sharp is currently out on bond for a previous possession of meth charge.

The victims say they found his bond paperwork in the stolen vehicle.

He is being held in the Yukon jail on $6,000 bond.

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