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Caught on tape: Man allegedly seen stealing from spice shop

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A man was caught on camera allegedly stealing from a spice shop in northwest Oklahoma City.

Able Blakley, the owner of the Savory Spice Shop, posted surveillance pictures on Twitter and other businesses came forward, claiming to be victims of theft too.

"Watching it as many times as I have, it's always kind of chilling," said Blakley.

Blakley knew something was wrong when he got a call from his employee, saying money was missing from the cash drawer.

"At one point during the day, they walked past the registers and both of the drawers were open, which is odd because they should never be standing open," said Blakley.

After looking at the security footage, a man was seen walking through the front doors Friday afternoon.

"He came in and wandered around the store for about 10 minutes, just kind of looking at things, then left," said Blakley.

10 minutes later, the man comes back, this time through the back door.

Another camera angle captures him allegedly digging through the cash drawers, getting away with $160.

"I sell spices $5 at a time so $160, that's a lot of $5 jars of spice," said Blakley.

It was on Twitter that another business less than two miles away,Bebe’s in Nichols Hills, recognized the man in the security footage.

They think the same person robbed them.

"I was in the back and he just went behind the register and opened it, took all the money and just left," said Bayley Staley, with Bebe's.

Hundreds of dollars now gone, both businesses have learned some lessons and hope the mystery thief gets caught.

"Desperate people do desperate things and no matter where you are, you need to be vigilant, whether you're walking to your car from the supermarket or in a high-end shopping center," said Staley.

Both businesses said they left keys in their cash drawers at the time of the robberies.

New security measures have been put in place in both stores to prevent this from happening again.

If you recognize the man in the video, you’re asked to call Nichols Hill police or Oklahoma City police. 

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