Dyslexia app created by middle school students available for download

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PLANO, Texas — A group of middle school students from Rice Middle School in Plano, Texas have created an app to help people with Dyslexia read more easily.

The app, Mind Glass, started as an assignment and part of the Verizon Innovative App challenge.

The students, with help from MIT experts, earned $20,000 for their school as they were one of eight national winners.

“Dyslexia is a really big problem in the world,” said 13-year-old David Yue, one of the team members. “It doesn’t mean that someone is not smart. They just have a disability or a neurological misfiring that doesn’t allow them to read as well as other people. We wanted to give every dyslexic a chance to be able to excel in school and all the activities they do.”

The app allows users to customize the text they read to accommodate for the different ways Dyslexia affects people.

Here is a video, made by the students who created the app, that explains how it works.

A few dozen people have already downloaded Mind Glass.

As of right now, it’s only available on the Android-based Google Play store.

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