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In Your Corner: Fly-by-night pavers back in OKC area

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BLANCHARD, Okla. - Paving scammers are back in our state.

They tend to show up about this time each year.

The most recent sighting was in McClain County earlier this month.

Mike Anderson said the scammers from Texas did shoddy work on his driveway.

“They had all the equipment, the dump truck, the bobcats, the steam roller,” he said.

The scam works like this.

Pavers go door-to-door offering a false promise of a big discount.

They claim they have a load of mix left over from another job down the road.

Once they get you on the hook, they jack up the price for shoddy work.

Mike refused to pay, but we've met others who caved.

One customer said, “I was sick, absolutely sick.”

We know these latest paving misfits were spotted weeks ago just south of Blanchard.

Mike and his wife didn't get any of their names but were able to snap a couple of photos of the ring leader.

They said he was pushy, cussed a lot and even threatened to file a lien on their property.  

There's a good chance these fly-by-night pavers are still in our state, although likely pining for new victims in a different county.

We know their driving a plain white dump truck with the words asphalt and paving on the doors.

If you spot them in your town, call us and authorities.

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