No arrests four months after hit-and-run kills toddler

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Little Aun’Dreis Tramble was being pushed down Westech Road in Pottawatomie County in a stroller by his father back on May 27.

A car hit them and, then, took off.

Tramble suffered fatal injuries and his dad a broken foot.

Four months after the crime, no arrests have been made.

Thursday morning, a young maple tree was planted at the Seminole Nation Head Start, Tramble’s old preschool, in remembrance of the young student who didn’t even make it to his third birthday.

“He would’ve been three July 19 but, instead, we went and spent his birthday out there at the cemetery,” said Tramble’s mother, Teola Walls.

Walls and her friends and family held signs at the ceremony in remembrance of Tramble or “Bubba” as they called him.

Their signs also called for justice.

“I’m upset," said family friend, Jennifer Warrior. "No justice, no peace means a lot, and we really want justice."

“But, they get so far down the street and pull my son’s stroller from underneath their car and just keep going," Walls said. "Just don’t see how someone can have a heart and still even live with theirself honestly.  Let their day continue when my son’s is over."

“We’re running down all kinds of leads, talking to people and making sure that we build a strong case,” said Captain Paul Timmons with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

OHP officials identified a car of interest shortly after the crime, caught on surveillance camera at a nearby casino.

Mark Dwayne Robbins was named as a person of interest, and he voluntarily came in for questioning but was not arrested.

OHP is waiting on evidence to be tested.

“They were able to get paint samples from the stroller, from the victim’s clothing,” Timmons said.

Robbins is still considered a person of interest.

Walls wants someone to come forward who knows what happened that night.

“Just, please, come forward for the justice of my son,” Walls said.

Anyone with information on this crime is asked to call the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

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