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Psychiatric report of key witness surfaces in Glossip execution appeal

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Richard Glossip is scheduled to be executed next week for the 1997 murder of a motel owner.

The execution has already been stayed three times.

It was the testimony of Justin Sneed that sent Glossip to death row years ago.

Sneed claimed Glossip ordered him to kill the victim, Barry Van Treese.

Sneed is currently serving a life sentence.

Glossip’s attorneys are still working up until the last minute to build their case against Sneed.

In a legal back and forth between Glossip’s attorneys and the state, new court filings are pouring into the Court of Criminal Appeals.

The attorney general recently included a psychiatric report on Sneed.

Sneed was in jail when the report was done.

“He indicated that the alleged crime was in connection with a burglary, but that he does not carry a charge of burglary,” the doctor said.

Sneed went on to say he was in jail for killing someone.

He didn’t ever mention Glossip to the doctor, even though Sneed testified Glossip paid him to carry out the murder.

Police arrested Glossip back in 1997 outside attorney David McKenzie’s office.

“I can tell you what he wanted me to tell the police, which I did," McKenzie said. "He wasn’t going to cooperate with their investigation anymore, and I called the police while he was in my office and relayed that to them."

Glossip had a lot of cash with him and said it was for the attorney.

Police allege it was money stolen from Van Treese.

The late district attorney Bob Macy charged Glossip with the death penalty.

Macy sent more than 50 offenders to death row - the most in state history.

Former dean of OU School of Law, Andy Coats, was Macy’s predecessor.

“It’s a case where, personally, if I’d been DA at the time, I wouldn’t have filed the death penalty on it, because I don't think it’s solid enough,” Coats said.

Glossips attorneys tell Newschannel 4 they continue to interview new witnesses, but hit a snag this week.

Arrest warrants were issued for two of their witnesses for probation violations.

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