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Store manager arrested after allegedly recording woman in restroom

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LOS ANGELES - A manager at a Los Angeles Dollar Tree has been arrested after a woman realized she was being recorded in the store's restroom.

Alexandria Sabori says she was shopping at the store when she asked to use the restroom.

However, an employee said that he would have to check the restroom first.

"Let me check that there's toilet paper and let me check that it's nice and clean," Sabori remembers him saying.

While inside the restroom, she noticed a cardboard box with a hole in it.

"I was very curious to see what was in the box. Why was there a hole in the box?" she said.

When she looked closer, she found an iPhone pressed up to the hole, recording video.

"My heart dropped," she told KTLA.

She asked to see a manager, and was pointed to the man who escorted her to the restroom in the first place.

At that point, she left the store and called police.

Sabori was shopping with her 10-year-old niece, who was next in line to use the restroom.

"This could've been my niece instead of me," she said.

Another shopper told KTLA that the alleged suspect has done the same thing to others in the past.

Carlos Martinez was arrested for the alleged crime.

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