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“They don’t know what it is,” Kansas college students targeted by pests on campus

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LAWRENCE, Kan. – Colleges and universities across Kansas are infested with unwanted pests.

Experts say oak tree mites are falling from trees and targeting Kansas college students.

“The redness around the bite is usually anywhere up to about a quarter size. And they usually have a small vesicle in the center of the bite. And so they’re covered. It’s not just one or two spots, I mean they can have 20, 30 spots,” Dr. Douglas DeChairo told KMBC .

Officials say this is the worst season for mite bites in a decade and most victims mistake them for chigger bites, spider bites and bed bugs.

“A lot of girls in our dorms have been waking up with bites all over their necks and they don’t know what it is,” said Katie Stabb.

Some blame the mite population explosion on the mild summer.

Doctors say welts usually don’t show up for 24 hours and should be treated with Benadryl or Cortisone cream.

The mites are microscopic, so you won’t notice them.

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