Woman perfectly describes struggles of motherhood in beautiful rendition of classic tune

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Motherhood can be tough for even the most prepared parents.

One mother decided to put her frustrations into words and created her own version of ‘Hallelujah.’

“It starts with diapers, spit and no sleep. He pulled my hair, I scraped my knee. When naptime comes, I’ll sing, ‘Oh Hallelujah,” she sings.

As many mothers know,  it’s not just about dealing with an infant.

“Then there is my three-nager. It’s like she’s three plus a teenager. She thinks she knows it all and I know nothing. With backward shoes and princess dresses, ‘I’ll do it myself’ and lots of messes. When bedtime comes, I’ll sing, ‘Oh Hallelujah.”

Her video was posted on Facebook on Sept. 22 and has already been viewed over 11 million times.

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