Metro elementary students create ‘survival kits’ for Oklahoma City officers

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Elementary school students in Oklahoma City decided to put a lesson they learned in the classroom into action.

Students at Harvest Hills Elementary, in the Putnam City Public School District, were learning a lesson about respect.

During a class discussion, fifth-grade students were talking about the people in the community who should be respected.

Following the discussion, the kids decided they wanted to do something meaningful for Oklahoma City police officers.

Students decided to put together ‘survival kits’ for the officers, featuring several key ingredients to give them strength while on the job.

The contents of each kit is as follows:

Life Saver: To remind officers of the many times they’ve been one.

Starburst: For that burst of energy they need on the job.

Payday: Because they’re not doing it for the money.

Paper Clip: To help hold it all together.

Hershey Kisses: Because they deserve them from all.

Gum: To help their units stick together.

Tootsie Roll: To help police roll with the punches.

Snickers: To remind them to keep their sense of humor.

Mounds: For the “mounds” of courage they need.


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