Live: OU President Gallogly addresses racist social media post

Speech: Donald Trump addresses supporters at Oklahoma State Fair

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OKLAHOMA CITY – On Friday evening, presidential hopeful Donald Trump addressed a massive crowd at the Oklahoma State Fair.

During his speech, he spoke about why he should be the Republican nominee for president.

Currently, Trump says politicians are “all talk and no action.”

He says America's immigration policy needs to be stricter, adding that a wall needs to be built on the border of Mexico so that only legal immigrants can enter the United States.

He also took shots at the media, saying, "They don't tell the truth."

Trump says that despite reports across the country, he is leading all polls.

He also spoke about how being an expert negotiator would play a big role during his presidency, adding that he wouldn't be in the pockets of Super PACs.

He also gave reasons why the other candidates couldn't do the job, saying they are "lightweights."

Trump also discussed the treatment of veterans and military strategy regarding the Middle East.