Thousands waiting to catch a glimpse of Donald Trump at Oklahoma State Fair

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A high-profile presidential hopeful arrived Friday afternoon at Wiley Post Airport to a crowd of supporters.

However, that in no way compares to the sea of supporters waiting for him at the Oklahoma State Fair.

"I just love it, I mean there's so many people out here. I hear we have a big crowd. How many people are over there?" Donald Trump asked NewsChannel 4's Scott Hines at Wiley Post Airport.

"Thousands," Hines replied.

"That's what I hear, thousands," Trump replied. "We're having a lot of fun."

From there, Trump made his way to the state fair where more than 12,000 people are expected.

Friday is typically the second busiest day of the fair, and Trump's appearance is drawing thousands more.

Vendors are hoping to cash in on some of the additional foot traffic by creating Donald Trump inspired treats and gifts.

"This is our Donald Trump S'more Cinnamon Roll. And what we're going to do is whenever you all purchase it, we're going to catch it on fire, roasting the top, and then hand it to you and say, 'You've been fired. Get out of here! Enjoy!" said one vendor.

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