Pope Francis meets Baby Pope

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PHILADELPHIA — At each of his papal parades, Pope Francis has kissed and blessed babies from the crowd. But there was one baby in particular who caught the Pope’s eye on Saturday.

Baby Quinn, better known on the internet as Baby Pope, made her debut at the papal parade Saturday. Dressed as the Pontiff, Quinn’s mother held her up to get Pope Francis’s attention.

The Catholic leader got a good laugh as he came around the corner in his popemobile and saw the baby dressed in his likeness.

For obvious reasons, Quinn was one of the lucky babies chosen to meet Pope Francis.

A security guard grabbed the little one and passed her to the Pope. Francis gave Baby PopeĀ a kiss and a blessing, and gave the security guard a message for her parents.

“The Pope says that you have sense of humor,” the security detail relayed.

Baby Pope didn’t receive quite as much attention as Pope Francis, but she was adored by those who had the pleasure of seeing her costume.

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