German ‘murder’ victim found alive 30 years after disappearance

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DUSSELDORF, Germany – A German woman who was reported missing 31 years ago, and was declared dead five years later, has been found alive.

Petra Pazsitka disappeared from student housing in the northern German city of Braunschweig in 1984.

She was a 24-year-old computer science student at the time.

According to NBC News, a suspect in the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl from the same area confessed to Pazsitka’s murder, but a body was never found.

She was considered a murder victim and declared dead in 1989.

Three decades later, she has been found to be living in Dusseldorf, around 180 miles away from where she was reported missing.

Now aged 55, Pazsitka was discovered by police when officers went to her home following a burglary.

When officers asked Pazsitka for her passport, she could not produce any, and told officers her true identity.

A police spokesman said her family members were shocked to learn that she is still alive and want to be reunited with her.

However, Pazsitka told police that she does not want contact with her family or the public.

Police say she said only a little about her disappearance and why she left back then.

She told police that it was a planned disappearance.

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