How to disable iPhone feature that could cost you hundreds of dollars

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Apple added a new feature to iOS 9 that could cost people with limited data plans hundreds of dollars.

The feature, called “Wi-Fi Assist,” automatically switches the device from a Wi-Fi network to a cell network if it detects a weak Wi-Fi signal.

Depending on your location, this feature could be activated more often than users realize.

If you have a limited data plan and you’re worried about overage charges, here’s how to disable the feature:

1. Go to “Settings”




2. Open the “Cellular” menu


“Cellular” menu


3. Scroll to the bottom and disable “Wi-Fi Assist”


“Wi-Fi Assist”

Many Oklahomans say they have been effected by the recent change.

One woman told KFOR that the new feature cost her $300 since the update took place.

Shaundra Hill says that after calling her wireless provider and bringing the issue to their attention, they initially told her they did not understand why she received the overage charges.

Eventually, the company offered her a bigger data plan for the month, which will cost her $40, and removed the $300 overage fees from her bill.

Hill says a representative from the company then instructed her to turn off her data when she is not connected to Wi-Fi.

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