Mystery solved after Oklahoma high school football fans leave stadium covered in bug bites

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CLAREMORE, Okla. – While leaving a high school football game in Claremore, many fans noticed strange marks across their bodies.

After several people complained about itchy bites on their arms, legs and necks, school officials began looking into the problem.

Initially, exterminators believed the bites came from chiggers and sprayed the locker rooms and stadium.

Now, school officials told KOKI that they believe the bug bites actually came from oak mites.

Experts say the microscopic mites fall from oak trees and can either land on humans, or be picked up by the wind and carried to another area.

Fortunately, the mites do not want to feed on us.

“Basically, they take a bite and it’s, ‘This isn’t what I want,’ and they drop off,” entomologist Justin Talley, with Oklahoma State University, told the Tulsa World. “We’re an accidental host.”

The bites usually resemble either a spider bite or an attack by chiggers. The bite marks are often surrounded by a rash that could expand a few inches. In rare cases, it can swell to the size of a golf ball.

Entomologists recommend that you should shower immediately after being outside and should not scratch the bites.

Instead, apply lotions or creams to the bites to stop the itch.

“The more you scratch, the more chance there is to get a secondary bacterial infection,”¬†Dr. George Monks, a dermatologist at Tulsa Dermatology Clinic, told the Tulsa World. “If you see red streaks extending away from it or develop a fever, then at that point, you should see a doctor.”

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