Teacher fired after allegedly hitting 3-year-old student

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GREENVILLE, S.C. – A teacher has been fired from a private school after allegedly pinching and slapping a 3-year-old boy for misbehaving.

Jordan Smith is just 3-years-old and is full of energy.

His mother says Jordan was attending a private Christian-based school when he got in trouble for running in the classroom.

“He said the teacher slapped him in the eye and ‘she pinched my ear until I started crying,” Olga Arnold told WSPA. “When he had come home, his ear was bright red. I tried to take a picture as soon as I could.”

Arnold says that while Jordan should have been disciplined, it was not the teacher’s place to hit her son.

“I know for a fact that hitting is not an option when a child is doing something bad. I know that you get upset, you get frustrated, but these aren’t your kids,” she said.

Instead, she says the teacher should have called her so that she could discipline her son in her home.

“They’re supposed to go to school to feel safe, not to get hit,” she said.

While WSPA didn’t get a call back from the school, they did receive a letter stating that Jordan’s teacher had been fired.

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