“There was no remorse,” Witness recounts seeing friend shot by husband

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MOORE, Okla. -- We now know the name of the wife and mother who was shot and left in middle of the street by her husband Sunday night.

Police say Tiffany Morgan got in her husband's way, so he shot her.

Her husband, Jason Morgan, ended up being shot and killed by his neighbor Justin Bozeman just minutes later.

Police say this all played out in the middle of the busy neighborhood at SW 1st and Telephone Road.

At last check, Tiffany Morgan is in critical condition.

It was still daylight outside Sunday evening when Crystal Mitchum says things turned dark. Her friend, Tiffany, was shot in the middle of the street.

“They had to take out half of her brain... The speech and mobility part, so they don't know how she’s going to do,” said Mithcum.

It started with an altercation between Jason Morgan’s friend and a different woman living in the home across the street.

“She came across the street with a pot and hit him in the side of the head,” said Mitchum.

Mitchum says the fight didn't have anything to do with Jason, only his friend. But Jason decided to retaliate against the people inside the home.

Tiffany Morgan allegedly tried to stop him.

“His wife, Tiffany, tried pulling him away. He held her head down put the gun to the back of her neck and shot. There was no remorse, he just looked at her and walked off,” Mitchum said.

Police say Morgan then went to the home of Justin Bozeman. Police say Jason Morgan fired one shot into the house.

“Once he came to the house. The individual in the house heard the shots and that's when he retrieved his weapon, and now this individual is kicking the door. He (Bozeman) had no choice but to protect himself,” said Sgt. Jeremy Lewis with Moore Police Department.

“The guy took three shots and killed him. He had his son in there, and two other people, and he saved those lives,” said Mitchum.

Mitchum says Jason was out of control, drunk, and high on drugs.

“I got held at gun point and my life flashed before my eyes. I yelled at him and told him to stop and he pointed it right at me. I dropped to my knees and covered my eyes and prayed to God that he didn't shoot me,” said Mitchum.

In addition to the neighbors who saw what happened, witnesses say Tiffany Morgan’s son was home that night. He allegedly saw his father argue with his mother and then shoot her.

No charges have been filed against Justin Bozeman.

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