AAR Corp. hiring 100 plus employees, aircraft mechanics, inspectors and more

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Attention aircraft mechanics: Around 150 jobs are open at AAR Corp out at Will Rogers.

That’s a lot of positions to fill.

The business focuses on aircraft maintenance, making sure our flights are safe.

Last year, the company made a strategy to grow their business. The strategy worked, but now it's putting them in a crunch for more employees.

There are 400,000 square feet of hanger space at AAR Corp. They have the planes and they have the work. Now they just need the people to fill the jobs.

"What we do here is repair and maintain, what is known as MRO: maintenance, repair and overhaul of commercial aircraft," said Greg Dellinger, AAR Corp. Director of Government Affairs.

AAR is looking for aircraft mechanics, inspectors, support staff, and more.

"Don't be afraid to get dirty," said Melissa Wood.

Melissa Wood is an Aircraft Sheet Metal Technician.

She went through an aviation program at Francis Tuttle. Three months later, she landed this certified job.

"I'm a very mechanically inclined, so my passion comes from working on my car," said Wood.

Her job with AAR Corp. is helping her to support and even inspire her 5-year-old daughter.

"She's like, 'Mommy can we go on the airplane, this is so cool. Can I work on airplanes when I get older?'"

In Oklahoma, aviation is a booming economy. More than 120,000 employees work in the aerospace or defense sector.

However, there are struggles to finding people to fill the skilled jobs.

Greg Dellinger, with AAR, said there's currently a strong anti-manual work bias in the United States.

"Young people, for whatever reason, don't want to use hand tools and they'd rather do something else. And I'm raising my hand saying the help wanted sign is out,” said Dellinger.

Hiring is happening right now and will stay open until the 100 plus jobs are filled.

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