Stranger’s act of kindness to new mother going viral

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A new mother’s Facebook post is getting a lot of attention for an act of kindness from a complete stranger.

Rebekka Garvison knows firsthand that being a military wife is tough. Traveling with an infant is just as difficult.

According to CBS News, Garvison was flying from Michigan to Alabama to surprise her husband, a member of the U.S. Army.

When she boarded her flight, her infant daughter, Rylee, began to cry.

“I noticed that the 2 seats next to me were taken and this couple looked very annoyed and I could tell by their body language sitting right next to me that they weren’t thrilled about sitting next to Rylee. Of course I’m already stressing and then Rylee started crying when we were getting ready to taxi,” Garvison’s Facebook post read.

She says she asked the flight attendant if she could move to another row that had two empty seats.

That’s when she met Nyfesha Miller.

As Rylee continued to cry, Garvison says Miller simply asked if she could try calming the little girl down.

“As soon as she had her, Rylee was looking out the window and stopped crying. When we got in the air she fell asleep and slept in her lap the whole flight until we got to our gate. She kept saying it wasn’t a problem at all and it was actually a comforting feeling for her. She even carried her off the plane and held her so I could get the stroller and carseat put back together so I wasn’t struggling to try and do it all alone.”

Garvison took to Facebook to share her story, which has been shared over 86,000 times.

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