Tow truck driver ‘rescues’ woman from suspicious man on side of the road

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HOUSTON — A woman says a tow truck driver came to the rescue when a suspicious man claimed to be helping her.

“I was on my way to work when my battery light came on,” Danielle Jordan said.

She was stranded on l-45 early Tuesday morning.

“I’ve been held up at gunpoint in my vehicle,” Jordan said, “I’ve been a victim before, and I swore to myself I’d never let that happen again.”

Danielle said she had opened her door to wave people around her. She allegedly left the door open when she said she leaned back into her car.

“I was turned like this, and I felt something leaning on my leg,” Jordan said.


It was a stranger who claimed he was helping her with her car troubles.

“He kept messing with something under my dashboard and he kept asking me questions, ‘Is somebody coming? What’s going on?'” Jordan said.

That’s about the time Mike Schoppe stepped in.

“I walked up, and I saw this guy standing right outside her door,” said Mike Schoppe, a tow truck driver. “That time (of) morning, he was kinda shady looking.”

Danielle was thankful for the man who showed up in the nick of time.

“Thank God Mike happened pulled up at exactly the right time and ran that guy off,” Jordan said. “I don’t know what would have happened otherwise.”

Of course, Schoppe claims that he didn’t do anything out of the ordinary.

“I didn’t do anything special,” Schoppe said. “I just found a broke down car and I was just helping them out.”

But Danielle wants everyone to know, “There’s still some good guys out there.”

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