Richard Glossip talks to attorney after he learns execution stayed

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OKLAHOMA - It came as a surprise to hear about the Gov. Mary Fallin's stay after the Supreme Court had already said Richard Glossip would die this afternoon.

Protesters lined the streets at the governor's mansion in a joint effort to save Glossip.

"We shouldn't be killing an innocent man," said Anne Murray, a Glossip supporter.

The protesters got their wish.

The U.S. Supreme Court had denied Glossip a stay, but a drug mix-up forced the governor to issue it.

"We're elated," said Ryan Kiesel, executive director of OK ACLU. "It's been a roller coaster of an afternoon."

"In 37 days, miracles can happen," said Missionary Edna Osborne, another Glossip supporter. "The world was made in seven."

Some are calling it just that, an act of God.

"You did. You told me that, Richard," said Don Knight, one of Glossip's attorneys, as he spoke with Glossip over the phone. "You told me you were going to talk to me tomorrow, and look at that!"

"That's just crazy!" Glossip could be heard saying on speaker.

Back in McAlester, where the execution was to take place, Glossip's attorney talked with him on the phone.

"You were in your cell waiting, and then somebody came up to you and said that it's over?" Knight asked Glossip.

"The only thing anybody has come up to me and said was you have until October 6th, Jeannie said 37 days, so I don't know what's going on," Glossip seemingly confused told his attorney.

Glossip himself was unsure if his stay was because of the Supreme Court or the state.

"It wasn't the U.S. Supreme Court, it was Oklahoma, because they had the wrong drugs," said Sister Helen PreJean, another Glossip supporter.

She's thankful he's still alive.

"Who can get their mind around this?" PreJean said.

A man is escaping death for the fourth time.

"It's like torture is what it is, he was thinking they were going to come, he was waiting for the stay," Knight said.

"There are praying people involved in this, it's not just coincidence, God has said no right now, for 37 days," Osborne said.

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