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Mother claims 17-month-old son was sprayed in the face with air freshener at daycare

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STOCKBRIDGE, Ga. – A mother in Georgia is furious after she says her son was sprayed in the face with air freshener while at daycare.

Monica Kendrick, like any mother, has a difficult time leaving her 17-month-old son at daycare.

Recently, Kendrick says that task became even harder.

As she got to work one day, Kendrick says she decided to check on her son using the surveillance cameras that are a part of the Kids R Kids daycare.

She says as she was watching, she saw an assistant teacher spraying air fresher in the face of her son and another child.

“So she went from one child that was sitting on the floor to my son that was standing right behind them and sprayed it in their faces,” she told WSB-TV.

Immediately, she rushed to the daycare.

She claims that administrators watched the video and said, “I can confirm that she did spray the children in the face and we told her that she couldn’t do that anymore.”

However, Kendrick says that isn’t enough.

Instead, she feels that the teacher should have been fired because the air freshener could be dangerous if it is inhaled or ingested.

WSB-TV says the teacher had just been punished for allegedly using her foot to wake up a child.

Kendrick has since taken her child out of the daycare and has contacted a state agency to investigate.