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Great State: A Parking Lot Full of Ferraris, For Real

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- The famous car builder himself, Enzo Ferrari, once said, 'If you can dream it you can build it.'

For everyone else the world is divided un-equally between those who can dream and those who can afford to buy one of these things.

"Basically, these guys are from all around the state," says Ferrari owner Brantley Cowan.

On a lovely Sunday afternoon, one by one, they pulled in to a small parking lot near Oklahoma City's Film Row.

A plurality of the state's Ferrari owners got together on a perfect afternoon for exotic cars.

Cowan had Ferrari posters hung all over his bedroom wall as a kid.

Paul Holsenburg saw one zip by as a 15-year-old kid.

Both bided their time, worked extra hard, and, then, bought the dream.

Cowan describes his red Ferrari, "It's a '84 and it has about 35,000 miles on it. It doesn't get out a lot but when I do it's a lot of fun."

Holsenburg adds, "I think that's the biggest part is taking it out and exercising it and feeling what it's like to go fast and stable."

Developer Chip Fudge hosted the event hard by his own car collection.

He owns two Ferrari's including a rare 1957 250 GT.

"They only made 8 'Low Roofed Elenas," he says.

Referring to its blue and grey color scheme Fudge adds, "I liked the fact that it was a Ferrari and that it wasn't red. I'm an OSU guy so it's appropriate to have a non-red car."

The Ferrari Club of Oklahoma is a loosely organized unit.

They showed up for the sunshine, a little Italian Ice, and to give toys for Children's Hospital.

They took a drive later as well, but only a short one.

Even if you can afford them, such dreams never last long before they go back in the garage for safe-keeping.

Event organizers gathered 30 cars for their Fall Meet.

They estimate around 50 Ferrari owners in the state.