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Metro man on mission to lower speed limit

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Hal Deitz is on a mission for his neighborhood.

He says turning out of Ski Island onto MacArthur is a terrifying experience.

“It scares me because I have to drive right up to that pavement to be able to see far enough to know when to pull out,” said Deitz.

The speed limit on that stretch of MacArthur, just south of Hefner, is 45 mph.

Deitz says even that’s too fast; most people drive faster.

“Most of these people are doing 50, 55 and some of them are doing 60,” said Deitz.

And Monday afternoon, there was a serious accident at MacArthur and Paramount.

“Today was what I’ve feared.  That was a horrible accident down there, horrible accident,” said Deitz.

His mission is to get the speed limit lowered on MacArthur from Hefner Road all the way to Northwest Expressway to 30 miles per hour.

“But 30 miles an hour would give people enough time to be able to get out onto the highway or out onto MacArthur or not,” said Deitz.

Not everyone would be on board with that speed limit.

“I don’t know any other streets that are 30 around here,” said one driver.

That’s not deterring Deitz, though, who says he’s tired of feeling like his life is in jeopardy every time he leaves the neighborhood.

Ward One City Councilman James Greiner tells NewsChannel 4 the speed limit on MacArthur further down by Northwest Expressway is already 30 miles per hour.

Greiner says he’s not aware of any plans to lower the speed up by Ski Island.

Deitz says he is going to take his concerns to the traffic commission.