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Controversial Yukon traffic lights will be turned back on

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It was a quick and unanimous decision by the Yukon City Council Tuesday night to turn the lights back on at Andrew Drive and Garth Brooks Boulevard.

But, it comes with the caveat of further studies.

Residents have their light back but are unsure until when.

“I am concerned about what their decision is going to be. For how long?" said concerned resident Jenny Crane. "For 30 days, they’re going to leave the light on, then, decide to close it again?”

The traffic lights at the intersection have been covered since the beginning of July.

They had broken and a part had to be ordered from out of state.

The part came in, but the city never fixed it, because a study said the city didn’t need those lights.

“But, everybody’s been so scared," said Kathy Williams. "You can’t drive in that intersection.  It’s just terrible."

Many residents said, if it weren’t for their fight, this decision might not have happened.

“Yes, yes and you coming, the media, Channel 4, you stayed with the story,” Williams said.

They said they’ll continue that fight to keep the traffic light that lets them safely out of their neighborhood.

But, Tuesday night, they were enjoying the victory.

“But, for now, we got our light," Williams said. "We’re happy about that."

The city council did not say exactly when the light would be turned back on nor how long it would take for further studies to be completed.