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“I punched it in the side,” Brother saves teen from shark attack in Texas

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GALVESTON, Texas – A 13-year-old boy is recovering after being bitten by a shark on Monday in Galveston.

Bobby Anderson, 17, and his brother, 13-year-old Gregory Slaughter, were visiting their grandfather at MD Anderson Hospital and decided to go to the beach.

“We were just sitting out there and he decided to go into the water, so I went with him,” Anderson told KPRC. “We went really deep and then felt fish so we came in more to where it was waist deep.”

They didn’t know danger was lurking nearby.

A big wave knocked Anderson under the water and when he surfaced, he realized his brother was screaming.

“I saw he had my brother. I punched it in the side. I hit it and grabbed him and swam to shore,” Anderson said.

Slaughter suffered injuries to both of his hands and his left ankle.